About Us

About Us

How We Started
Horizon Home Outlet is a Canadian-owned furniture outlet that sells high-quality home furnishings at discounted prices. We offer a wide range of brands and styles. Whether you like classic or ultra-modern, there’s something for everyone! Best of all, we sell our product at 50-75% below retail prices. Dozens of new and trendy styles are added daily.

Our Story

Paul Wright, the owner of Horizon Home Outlet, became disabled in April 2017. This led him on a journey to recovery, which included helping people find stylish and affordable furniture without sacrificing quality. At Horizon Home Outlet, we look beyond the horizon for the best in home-décor.


Our staff is full of wonderful and accommodating people. We are deeply passionate about providing top furniture trends at exceedingly low prices.


We sell customer-returned merchandise, but this does not mean the product is low quality or defective. Merchandise can be returned for a variety of reasons that are unrelated to quality. All our items are rigorously inspected to ensure they are in pristine condition and meet our high standards.

We are here to help!

Meet Our Team

Who We Are
Paul Wright

Paul Wright is the owner of Horizon Home Outlet which is on Ecommerce retail outlet. He opened the furniture / Appliance warehouse to allow people the opportunity to buy a great furniture at reasonable prices. Just over two years ago he was in a life-changing accident in the US on an ATV trip. This accident left him being a quadriplegic with no feeling from his chest down. Since then he has been on a journey to discover how to live as a disabled person and reinvent his complete life.

He refuses to let his disability rule how he lives his life. He has chosen to live with the disability and make the most of every day. He is a father of three adult children and grandfather of two. In his journey of rediscovery he has found himself to be an advocate for disabled people. He is trying to make housing more available and accessible in an unaccessible world. He can be reached at paul@horizonhomeoutlet.ca.